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No Crap In It Super Vitamin

No Crap In It Super Vitamin

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Fit: May help curb sugar cravings, promote an active lifestyle, promote recovery, boost endurance, and support healthy weight management. (L-Glutamine powder, organic nigella sativa powder, organic moringa oleifear leaf powder)

Womanhood: May help optimize hormone balance, assist mood and relaxation, help fight fatigue, and relieve temporary water gain. (Ashwangandha, chia, chamomile, tumeric,Ā 

Debloat: May help relieve temporary water weight gain and occasional digestive stress. (nettle extract, dandelion root, organic hibiscus, organic lemongrass, cranberry extract)

Shroomy: May help cognitive functions, including memory, mental speed, focus, immune defense support, and energy. (Organic: lion's mane, red reishi, cordyceps, chaga)

Cheerful: May help with assisting mood and relaxation, promotes daily calm, aids restful sleep. (Ashwangandha, chia, chamomile, tumeric, reishi, blueberries, and black pepper)


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